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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Lights Around the World

One of my favorite Christmas activities as a child was to look at Christmas lights as our family drove around our favorite decorated neighborhoods. Today I thought to help get us all in the Christmas spirit by sharing Christmas lights from around the world.

Hurst, Germany - Courtesy of Achim Raschka 

Montbeliard, France - Courtesy of Thomas Bresson

Helsinki, Finland - Courtesy of Timo Newton-Syms

Home in Germany - Courtesy of Daniel Schwen

Sloan Square, London, England

Haughton, Staffordshire, England - Courtesy of Laura Ganderton

Montbeliard, France - Courtesy of Thomas Bresson

Friends Road, U.K. - Courtesy of Katy Walters

Warsaw, Poland - Courtesy of Pudelek

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Saint Helyi, Jersey

Vienna, Austria - Courtesy of Anna 

Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols. Her novel, Family Secrets, was published by Fire Star Press.

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