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Sunday, December 18, 2016


1. be open: We never know what we may find upon arriving at our coastal destination. Here’s my short list: tree down on roof; no power; leaks and puddles; brown drinking water; squirrel in cabin; bird in cabin; mice in cabin; small tsunami. Learning to be open means we are ready for anything. 

2. things change: Especially the weather. Sunny one moment, rainstorm the next. Life, at times, may be as changeable as the weather. 

3. stay warm: West coastal climate is cold and damp. If we get chilled, it’s hard to warm up again. As in all situations, taking care of ourselves comes first or we are no good to others.

4. bring cats: Cats are warm. Place cats on cold parts for added warmth, especially at night. Cats may also purr in sync with the ocean. Life is better with cats (or dogs for the dog folks).

5. breathe: We probably think we’re breathing right now, but there is something about the sea air that makes us realize that all breaths taken elsewhere are somehow lacking. 

6. watch fires: Per number 3, fires are a great way to stay warm. Fire is a force to be respected however. We should never underestimate the dangerous aspects of things that can kill us outright.

7. take a nap: Some say there is something about beach air that makes one sleepy; others think it’s just the chance to be lazy that sends us down for an afternoon nap once we hit the coast. Who cares why? Rest while we can because tomorrow may call for action. 

8. listen: There is no sound as soothing as a cat’s purr, except for possibly the ocean. The rhythmic pounding of waves upon shore can clear the mind, stimulate dreams, and heal the human body.  

9. slow down: Ocean time is different from city time. Some who come to the coast stay fixedly on city time. These are the folks seen cruising the tourist shops, racing from viewpoint to viewpoint, filling every moment with a latticework of plans. If we don’t take time to stop and reflect, we only skim the surface of a deeper experience. 

10. the world is made of patterns: From tiny quarks to the expanse of space, nature is woven in patterns. Without these patterns, there would be no life. See the patterns - the fronds of a fern; the lace of December trees; the rolling waves - and plum the secrets of the universe. The beach is the perfect place to ponder the miracle that is us.

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  1. I love the ocean. I grew up in San Diego and went to the beach often. A lot of what you say really strikes home with me. There is nothing like the negative ions coming off an ocean breeze to relax and rejuvenate. Thanks for your post.

    1. My mother always said it was Good for the soul.

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  3. I don't know about number 6, Watch Fires, because in my childhood my sister and I set the closet on fire. It was not a pleasant day for the closet or my sister and me. But I do like a nice bonfire on a star-filled, chilly night.
    I'm so lucky that the town where I live is almost equal distance between the mountains and the beach. On a whim, I can choose to take a day trip in either direction.
    A lovely post, Molly.

    1. Maybe I should have been more specific about where NOT to watch fires.