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Friday, October 21, 2016

Goodreads Goodness: Sharing Books & Reviews

This post is the second in a series on how using your Goodreads account can benefit readers and authors. To read Part 1 published on this blog last month, please CLICK HERE.

First, an explanation. Zina Abbott is my pen name, but I make no secret that I am really Robyn Echols. It is just I want my readers to know that when they read a Zina Abbott book, it is different kind of story than what I write under my own name. 

I do have a Goodreads account for both names. However, since I buy my books under Robyn Echols (the credit card companies are happier that way), most of my activity is there. Still, I do have followers on my Zina Abbott Goodreads account. I do post some reviews and choose books I want to read on both accounts. Which is why I know what is going on. I get email notifications from both Goodreads accounts, and I see how much my Goodreads activity is shared with followers.

Here are these two books on my Robyn Echols Goodreads list that I marked as "Currently Reading":

Going to my Zina Abbott Goodreads account, here is a notification of what my Goodreads follower Robyn Echols is now reading.

I am not limited to going to my Goodreads accounts to see what is happening with friends sharing their current reading list with me. I get emails from both accounts. I get updates about what books my Goodreads friends have added as "Want to Read" and what books they are currently reading. This Goodreads-generated email to Zina Abbott shows updates on the account for Robyn Echols:

Below are some notifications from some of my other Goodreads friends:

Here is a Goodreads-generated email to Robyn Echols showing what books Robyn has marked as "Currently Reading" reminding me when I finish the book I need to mark it as having been read and submit my review. It also shows updates from my Goodreads friends about their book and reading activity.

Remember that book Robyn Echols marked as "Currently Reading"? Here that same book showed up on my Zina Abbott Goodreads email after Robyn Echols wrote a  book review on her Kindle once she finished the book. I also could have gone into my Goodreads account, brought up the book I marked as "Want to Read" or "Currently Reading" and uploaded a review there. Instead, I did it the quick and easy way on my Kindle as soon as I finished reading the book. The important thing is, my book review went out by email to all my Goodreads followers, including Zina Abbott:

How do I find time to write all those book reviews? On my Kindle Fire it is QUICK AND EASY. That is the message of this blog post for readers and writers alike. For Amazon and Goodreads, you don't need to go to separate sites, log in and jump through a bunch of hoops before you even get down to writing a review. Just take that few minutes on your Kindle to update your progress -- including writing a short review -- once you have finished reading the book. Your activity will then be shared with others.

As for those book reviews shared on Goodreads and Amazon, most readers have no idea how valuable they are to writers. Trust me, taking the time to share your review of a book is an act of Goodreads Goodness. 

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Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her historical novels. My novel, Family Secrets, was published by Fire Star Press.

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  1. Robyn/Zina, I've read books under both your names and totally enjoy both lines. You know me as Bev Lewis on my personal FB but my pen is Beverly Wells. I must admit I joined Goodreads ages ago and when I started having my books published and did other sites I lagged over at Goodreads. I also had a mix up with Beverly Lewis author on my author page and I became discouraged, but your post has rekindled my view re: Goodreads and I must do better over at Goodreads. I am delighted you're reading A Love so Strong and hope you enjoy it. That was one still is my baby, and as you know us authors always have our one special one. Wishing you much success with Family Secrets and all your upcoming books. Keep them coming. And thank you for a great inspiring post. And I will do better at utilizing Goodreads.

  2. I'll admit that when I had a Goodreads account, I didn't use it to the extent you've explained. If I ever decide to open another Goodreads account, I have this as reference. *grin*