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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Kitten of the Apocalypse

Some people collect stamps or coins, my family collects cats. It's not an intentional thing, it just is. We used to call it "The Cat of the Year Club" because another cat cat would show up every year, usually in June or July. Even our vet says that we have an invisible sign in our yard telling cats to come to us for a good home. My family "blames" me. Apparently, my super power is attracting cats. However, our newest family member comes courtesy of my husband.

Dear readers, meet Kota.

Several weeks ago, my husband went outside to do a few things before we left for work and heard something yelling from the far side of our back yard. Being the good man that he is, he donned gloves and went in search of the source. A brief search and chase later, he came in carrying a small gray kitten. At some point during the ensuing conversation, I said something along the lines of "It's just a kitten; it's not even one of the four kittens of the apocalypse." And thus, the name Kota (Kitten Of The Apocalypse) was born.

Our original plan was to find a home for Kota, but one thing lead to another and, as so often happens, Kota's furever home is with us. However, no many how many strays we take in, there are always more that need homes and help. 

My love for animals makes its way into my stories which all feature animals and animal rescue. Like my fellow Fire Star Press author Mollie Hunt, I am working to change the world one book at a time. In addition to hoping to raise awareness through my stories, I also donate a portion of the proceeds of all of my books to animals in need. 

My newest mewse is already hard at work walking across my keyboard in an effort to put her own spin on my stories. My brain is also busily chasing plot bunnies (or maybe they are plot kittens) while it tries to work out the details of a story about the kittens of the a-purr-calyse.

Please, share a picture of your fur-baby in the comments. Furry faces make every day better!

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  1. Isabella, Kota is just adorable. I would have given that sweet baby a "forever" home, too!

    My fur baby is a big, huge Great Pyrenees named Embry. He only likes 4 people--my husband, my 2 grown kids, and me. He started out as my daughter's dog, but she had to move to a house with no fence, and her work schedule increased, so we became "grandparents with custody"--and of course she lives not too far from us, so she gets to come see him pretty often. I'm not sure I can post a pic in the comments, but will try!

  2. Isabella, I apologize for being so late in getting to this. Computer was in the shop and I'm just catching up on the past few days. I don't have a furry cat or kitten by I do have a 72 # black lab/border collie who was rescued by the animal warden and sheriff and taken to the shelter 12 yrs. ago. He's my best friend and walking buddy. I fostered him from the shelter and ended up keeping him. After being beaten by owner, attacked by other dogs and nearly starved to death, he and his brother (adopted by another person) were rescued and feared noises, people in general, were afraid to eat--I could go on. This guy now has doggie friends, people friends and is a lover. Great post. Wishing you much success with all your stories. Looking forward to reading more about your animal friends.

  3. Such a sweet face! Thanks for the mention and saving the world, one cat at a time.