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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#NewRelease -- FLAME -- #Giveaway

The National Cheyenne Rodeo holds promise to seasoned rodeo contestants and fans of a grand finale for the season. No one expects one of the leading contenders for team roping, Randy Murray, to lose his life in a freak accident in the final round.

Devastated by her husband’s death, Cindy Murray faces life-altering decisions. How can she deal with the sudden death of the high school sweetheart she’s planned a life with? What will she do with the ranch that had been the dream she and Randy had shared? And, most importantly, how will she deal with the pregnancy she had never expected—alone?

Cindy faces another crisis when she finds a pregnant horse dying in a trap. Can she save FLAME, the orphaned colt? Life is fast becoming overwhelming for her—but she has to do what’s right. From the ashes of her hopes and dreams, a new beginning becomes possible.

Have you ever competed in or watched a rodeo? Shelby will give an e-book of her new release to someone who comments on today's post.


(Cindy has lost her young husband to a rodeo accident. Now she's faced with being forced to ride just a few short days later, competing in the barrel racing events against her best friend in order to have the money she needs to pay for her husband's funeral and the upkeep of their little ranch.)

“Fourteen point two!” Helen announced, riding up to us and dismounting. “That’s my best time, ever. Good girl, Starlight.”

“Wow! Good job,” I said. “I guess that means I’m up.”

I mounted Ginger and headed out to the arena.

I waited in the holding area for the timer to go off and signal the start of my ride. The few seconds I sat in there felt like hours as my thoughts raced. This was the most nervous I had ever been before competing. It seemed like everything was riding on this. My ranch, Randy’s funeral expenses, all my payments I would have to make between now and next season…that would all be taken away if I screwed this up.


I was off. I turned around the first barrel at a furious rate. I slowed as I pulled on Ginger’s reins into the turn. I kicked, and did the same around the second—and off to the third. I rounded it. I was pretty sure my time was good so far. I kicked and whipped Ginger to go faster to the finish line.

All of a sudden, I felt dizzy. Everything was starting to go dark. I couldn’t tell where I was anymore…or what I was doing. I felt sick, and then…everything went black.

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Debut author Shelby Anne Watts is a nineteen-year-old junior at Northeastern State College in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where she is a science education major. She lives in a small rural area in southeast Oklahoma with her brand-new husband, horse Snowy, a rescue mule named Molly, two dogs, and a cat.


  1. Shelby, we're so glad to have you with us at Fire Star Press! I loved this story of yours and hope you've got many more up your sleeve! Congratulations on your debut novel!

  2. Thanks, so much Cheryl! I am super happy you took a chance on me. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks after reading it!

  3. You're welcome, dear girl! I really enjoyed this story of yours!

  4. All the best on your debut release Shelby!!

  5. Wow. Very exciting, and I sense that this will be not only entertaining, but the reader will be drawn into Cindy's emotional and heart-breaking story. I hope you do well with this story. Congratulations, Shelby, and I'm very happy to meet you.

  6. Congratulations, Shelby! I look forward to hearing great things about you, since you're getting a start on your career at such a young age! :-)

  7. This sounds like a story I need to read. I vol at our local horse rescue. such impressive animals. Congrats on your debut! Wow!

  8. Sounds like an awesome story!

    Yes, I've been in a few rodeos. :) Love, love, love everything about them, and I miss them--Seattle isn't exactly a big rodeo town. But I'm looking forward to going often when we move back to Idaho.

  9. Shelby, this story sounds so intriguing that it's a must read for me too. I've just added it to my to be read. How you have time to go to college and punch out a story, get newly married, etc. You go girl. You're on a roll. And you are another animal lover. You'll fit right in. Wishing you much success in your writing, also in school and with your new family. Best wishes.

  10. Isn't it just wonderful to see your stories where others can find and enjoy them? Congratulations. I used to watch the rodeo as a teen. Not much time for that now. Best to you on this story. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

  11. Thanks everyone for all the kind words and support!

  12. Thanks everyone for all the kind words and support!

  13. Welcome to the Roses, Shelby. Your heroine won me over when she rescues a dying pregnant horse. I wish you every success.
    Although there are a few rodeos around North Carolina, I have managed to go to some of them. They were really kind of exciting and definitely filled with testosterone. I did see one in Omaha, Nebraska way back when the Earth's crust was cooling. It was quite a show with Fess Parker from the Daniel Boon series. It was, however, more a show for entertainment than a genuine competition. Still, it was fun and Fess Parker was huge in real life. I rode a horse once while I was in Omaha--spent most of the ride in the alfalfa field, but at least I did give it a try. Sadly, I'm a citified lady.
    Your future looks like a bright one.

  14. Great last name! :D Yes, I a have been to and watched rodeos when my father was stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. One thing about my parents, wherever we were stationed, my parents took us to see things, attend advents, etc. While in Colorado, we went to several rodeos, I remember one of them had Fetus and a few other characters from Gunsmoke. My sister married a military man who is from Longmont, CO, they met while in SC and he used to compete in Rodeos.

  15. Thank you everyone for commenting! The luck winner is Heare2Watts!